A blog.

Hark: what is that foreign sound stirring in the distance? Could it be the rustling of a new page, that leaden weight now turning, now perpendicular, now arching over to make visible a new leaf, a new dawn, a new day? Art has returned, and artsily she flourishes her paint brush, strokes her ivory keys, chalks up her sidewalk, and writes down her song, clinking out the sounds of freedom on a deathly slow PC. A note: to all those interested in actually seeing some artwork on this art website, it would behoove you to visit this link to MY ART. I am quite proud to have entered things in the other fields of this site, but alas, there are but a few paintings to be seen here as yet. For info on pieces or pricing (usually around $150 – $750 per piece) shoot me an e-mail at jessica(at)jessicashirley(dot)com.